Why so average? Why do this? Why another blog……

To start, I hate blogs, are there really people out there who care for a second about what I have to say? If you have stumbled upon this page, I hope you find useful info amongst the ramblings of a bored housewife.

I am not a writer or a good story teller. I am the kind of girl that starts a story mid way through and then backs up and gives you every little detail, and feeling, I have ever had on the subject.  I will try to better this time!

I am an average mom. I live in an average single family home, with one full bathroom that I share with my husband and kids. We have an unfinished basement that we still use as living space. I am currently typing this on a computer set up in my basement with concrete walls and concrete floor with a rug thrown over it.  I have spent my life trying to portray that I have more money than I actually have. I buy fake name brand purses..and try to stay in trend with everyone is wearing but after having kids I just can’t do it. Now I don’t have enough money to even pretend I have money..and why all the pretending in the first place (that’s a story for a different day)

After being pregnant and nursing for 6 years my wardrobe had turned into a collection of pieces that do not spark joy. It is  just a collection of clearance items and things that keep me covered. I need a change!!!

I have spent the last several months watching bloggers and collecting lists of items I want to buy…I sit around thinking how can I look like her? I have no money to spend on clothes. I will never look put together, that is just not for me.

Then I came across building your basics. It changed my life!!! Does that sound extreme???  I can not wait to talk with you all about the importance of basics in your wardrobe. I am inviting you along my quest of building my basics and hope to inspire you to do the same.

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